Thursday, June 5, 2008


Yes, Chiara has joined her peers and has begun to fuss and fuss every eve for no apparent least none that we can determine.  Generally, she is SO tired but cannot (or will not) be lulled into sleep.  As new parents, we have tried about everything and we have discovered that some things DO work!!!  Unfortunately, nothing works twice!  :)  Below, Ben demonstrates one of his creative attempts...

... sadly, her eyes remain open!  :)

Despite fussiness, we are still getting out of the house!  We were able to go to friend's for a BBQ and got to meet "Superman" in person!  Look at him fly!!!

We also got to play with Nora and her beautiful dolly at the BBQ!  Fun times with friends!

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Omi said...

What wonderful pictures!! Looks like Nora really likes her dolly!