Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wilcox tidbits...

Our favorite little monkey!  She likes to sit up in this "tucked-in" pose.
CoCo is definitely a scheduled little gal!  Ben has posted her schedule on our refrigerator door lest anyone forget!  (1 AM says, "wake Clyde".  That's our neighbors dog.)
Ben pulled a few weeds while we were enjoying lunch outdoors.  Check out the size of those dandelions!  Rather embarrassing, eh?  We really aren't the best gardeners.  It's something I hope to improve on this summer while home with Chiara!  
Chiara wore her first dress last Sunday and we had to take photos to show it off!  It's from H&M ~ Chicago branch!
Finally, Chiara's daddy left today for a business trip.  Let's just state the obvious, "She is not pleased!"


Anonymous said...

Omi misses Chiara!! Love the 1st picture. she almost looks like she is smiling! Hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Coco's schedule! That made me laugh out loud. :) Of course that's only b/c I'm sleeping thru the night at the moment... She's a doll and I'm glad she's packed with personality!
- Terra