Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mommy! Oh bother!

As Coco comes up on her 2 month anniversary of birth, I find myself wanting to remember every detail about the last months. I realize that eventually, many of those memories will fade. But, when I think of it, I try to snap a photo or shoot a little video so that we can remember all the fun we've had thus far.
Last night, after a VERY fussy baby went to bed at 1 am, she awoke at 4:30 once again and was hungry. So, we went through our feeding routine and I finally went to tuck her into her crib for a few more hours sleep. However as I was tucking her into her "CoCo Box", I couldn't remember if we had any pictures of her in this little bed. See, the CoCo Box is where she has spent much of her sleeping hours (when not being held by adorers) these first few months. We've moved it all over the house and she snuggles right into it. She is sadly outgrowing it quickly as she is getting too wide and hardly fits between the cushions. SO, as only a sleep deprived Mama would do, I found myself turning on lights at 5 am and looking for the camera. I risked (very quietly) waking my sleeping gal in order to take some photos of her in The CoCo Box.
CRAZY? Perhaps. But I think, "What an accomplished mommy I am! I've captured a memory that may have otherwise faded!" :)

The CoCo Box!

The weather has been lousy, so we've been mostly stuck indoors.  So Chiara and I participated in our first (of many) "rainy-day activity".  We played dress-up!

I even got her to smile, but had to sacrifice composition in order to get a grin!

Not being a "bow gal" myself, I wasn't sure what side the bow should go on.  However, we did decide that she looked rather goofy with it right in the center of her head, so mom had to move it to the side!  :)

I  took only these few photos of our dress up session as I didn't think to do it with the previous outfits and had no desire to go back and refit everything.  But, now I know what fits her!  :)


Omi said...

Omi and Opa had great fun looking at these pictures tonight!! Chiara, we miss you SO much but are happy to see you growing and turning into a little lady(with mommy's help!) Hugs to all of you! and thanks for the pictures. They really help to make the distance seem not so vast

Shawna said...

I think I'm in love again. And again. And again.