Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Funny Sights !

Every day holds some sort of humorous outfit or event. Sadly, I don't always have my camera, but here are a few I've been able to catch over the past weeks...

A couple weeks ago while I was making lunch, Ben came in and asked if I had a minute to help him outside. I peaked into the living room and saw CoCo happily playing and stepped outside to offer my services. When I returned to making lunch, a chair was pulled up to the counter and the bread had been tampered with. However, there was not a little person in sight!!!

I swear, we have never done a rectal temperature!

Thankfully, she's taking a "dry bath" !

After putting CoCo down for her nap, I came down to clean up from lunch.... only to find one of CoCo's furry friends wasn't quite finished eating!
(her bear IS somewhere under that XL bib)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dress Up !!!

Seems like every time I turn around she's wearing something new or at least sporting a new accessory. In the photos below I caught her going up the stairs wearing a hat my Grandma knit for either my sister or I when we were first born. When I asked her why she was going upstairs, she said, "Gocks." I then asked, "Why do you need socks?" (she has footies in her PJ's) She replied, "Shoes." :)