Thursday, June 12, 2008

Colder than Siberia!!!

Ben recently pointed out an article in the paper that read "Colder than Siberia"! Seattle had been 59 degrees the previous day and it had measured warmer in Siberia at 61 degrees. Sadly, we are tired of the cold and rain, which has forced us indoors many times when we'd like to play outside! Below, Chiara is bundled in a sweater for a walk in between rain showers.

A favorite activity is to visit Joy and Caleb. Caleb recently got to hold Chiara for the first time! He was so sweet with her!

Below, he tries out a unique holding technique after Joy mentioned being careful with her head. He is going to make a GREAT older brother to his little sister arriving in October.

Another activity we've grown to love is play time (which seems to occur most often on the changing table)! We received this wonderful mirror from friends a few weeks back and Chiara loves it! She coos, chuckles and smiles at herself. It's fun for me to sit behind it and talk to her through the mirror as she loves to "talk" back to me!

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