Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wilcox tidbits...

Our favorite little monkey!  She likes to sit up in this "tucked-in" pose.
CoCo is definitely a scheduled little gal!  Ben has posted her schedule on our refrigerator door lest anyone forget!  (1 AM says, "wake Clyde".  That's our neighbors dog.)
Ben pulled a few weeds while we were enjoying lunch outdoors.  Check out the size of those dandelions!  Rather embarrassing, eh?  We really aren't the best gardeners.  It's something I hope to improve on this summer while home with Chiara!  
Chiara wore her first dress last Sunday and we had to take photos to show it off!  It's from H&M ~ Chicago branch!
Finally, Chiara's daddy left today for a business trip.  Let's just state the obvious, "She is not pleased!"

Sunday, May 25, 2008

CoCo's new found friends!

Auntie Shawna came to visit for a few days! She introduced Chiara to Curious George! Chiara's friend, Caleb, also got in on all the "auntie fun"!

Alexander was able to enjoy some time with us as well. He offered Chiara her first Croissant!

Finally, CoCo has discovered her friend the NUK!  Yay!  Mom and Dad are happy about that!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Girls Rule!

Introducing the McRae Sisters!!!

Sydney & Ashley marvel at CoCo's toes. Little Ashley kept remarking, "It's so tiny!" Sydney had multiple turns holding Chiara... she's a natural!!!

Courtney was second in line to be CoCo's human cushion. She did it with such a fabulous smile!!! Don't you agree?

Ashley also got her turn to hold Chiara and she took her time checking out the new arrival. Eventually she looked up and exclaimed, "So cute!"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Photos

My first Mother's Day! It was a very fun day thanks to Ben who started the day off with waffles and Chiara who made me a hilarious "photo card" on the computer!! She signed it "CoCo Nut"! She and Ben got quite creative!

Oma was also here to celebrate, but we missed GG's (great grandma) company and had to settle for a phone chat with her. Mom and I were able to get out for the afternoon and have some mother-daughter time while Ben babysat!

Oma flew out this morning, so now it's just CoCo and I at home on weekdays. We miss Oma greatly, but are all so thankful for our stocked freezer! We've got meals for a while! :) Thanks, Omi!

Monday, May 5, 2008

CoCo's due date!

Today is Chiara's actual due date, May 5th!
It's a day that we've anticipated for the past several months. All our calendars for today say "CoCo's due date"! However, our baby girl arrived 3 weeks ago! As I reflect on the past 3 weeks, I have to admit that being a mama is nothing I ever dreamed it would be. What I do know is that the reality of Chiara is far greater than I ever hoped. She is truly amazing!

Today was celebrated with The Smid Clan from Ladner, BC!!! A very adoring crowd!!!

Body Guard Smid allows the paparazzi a few photos of diva Chiara Nicole.