Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carving Tradition !!!

For the past 6+ years, we have carved pumpkins at our friends home. It's a great evening to gather, eat and carve pumpkins. In the past few years, Ben thinks of something "scary" and carves it into the pumpkin. For instance, last year he carved the falling stock market.
This year, Ben designed a scary pumpkin for CoCo. The far left pumpkin was made especially for her.
Yep! She screams, runs and tries to hide every time I turn on the vacuum!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn Vacation !!!

We had a wonderful trip to visit Opa and Oma as you'll see in the entries below.
The weather could not have been more perfect, so we enjoyed almost every meal outside on my parents patio... somehow that just made everything taste twice as good!

By far, CoCo's favorite part of the trip was Oma's garden. She explored it day after day. She also got samples from Opa's tomato and zucchini plants.

One evening, we went for a walk through some local vineyards. We sampled grapes, walked above the village and enjoyed the hazy sunset.

Dinner at sunset... what I miss most about Germany!

A Day in France !

We visited the Alsace area in France. Our timing was perfect as it is "wine country" and the grapes were ripe and ready for harvest. Mmm... we had a fabulous day visiting two villages in the area and the scenery along the way was unbelievable!

FANTASTIC door bell, eh?!

Note: bottom right, a lady watering her many beautiful flowers!

Grapes getting tossed into the grape press. I can still smell that sweet grape scent!

I could have taken a photo of almost EVERY sign in the village. They are all so unique! However, this has to be one of my favorites! I love the little characters!

Mmm... French Cuisine! We need not say more!

Friendly greeter outside one of the wineries!

One of my favorite reasons to visit France! OH SO GOOD!

CoCo is thrilled after her first taste of Crepes!

All the window displays were so detailed!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

London !!!

Ben and I spent an extended weekend in London! Very Fun!

Westminster Abbey

Street Performers...

A highlight was meeting up with Travis (great family friend from home) and attending a football match between Queens Park Rangers and Barnsley. My personal favorite part of the match was half time. They featured a down's syndrome soccer team. I just LOVED these kids! They were each given a chance to dribble to the goal and attempt to score on the goalie. Of course, they were all quite successful at scoring and none played more to the crowd than this mate below! The crowd went WILD when he pulled his shirt over his head after scoring! What a character!
... and of course, the actual match!

Later we all went to dinner in Notting Hill.

A window in the tower of London.

London was Great! We had a short visit, but the weather, sights, friends and time together was just fabulous!

Last Days...

Out to dinner with my aunt and uncle. Some VERY tasty German food and beverage!

CoCo made a new friend, who loved to read her stories.

Auntie Shawna was able to join us for a few days.

A photo in the vineyards on our way up to the castle ruins. AND, yes! We did sample the wine grapes! Some were tastier than others.

A walk after shopping in the farmers market. Note the flowers in the stroller.

Beautiful plots in one of the local cemeteries.

Best family photo we could get! :)