Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Shower!

Today there was a baby shower here at our house for Joy's baby girl to arrive in October!
Our door decor! (Made in Canada by GG!)

CoCo tries to get Luke's attention! Luke was the solo fellow at the baby shower!

Luke is one month younger than CoCo. But, look at his big foot!!!

Evelyn! She has started spending one day a week with us!

Friday, September 19, 2008

San Diego At 5 Months!!!

Chiara got to meet her cousins this past week! We had a great time in San Diego visiting family and of course getting in on some of the San Diego Sunshine! We had a good time and wanted to share some photos of all the kidos!

....and that's a wrap!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We stopped to visit the Hamiltons (a family Ben lived with during his Senior year of high school) on the way home from the coast.  CoCo was quite exhausted from the weekend at the beach and began to cry soon after we arrived.  I tried all the tricks I knew, but couldn't get her to settle down.  Then Grandpa Hamilton came and took over.  He sat down in the rocker, snuggled her in and started calmly talking to her.  Within a minute she stopped crying.  Very soon after this photo was taken, she fell asleep and had a long afternoon nap!

Washington Coast

We spent last weekend at the coast with some of Ben's friends from high school.  It was a totally relaxing weekend with many good laughs, yummy food and fabulous company!  I believe it is referred to as "Mofest".
Ben and Chiara walking on the beach.  She wasn't too sure of the northwest coastal winds.  Otherwise a beautiful day.

CoCo's first toe dip into the cold sand!

The next morning, Ben and I went on a walk while CoCo slept.  It was a very different beach day... cool with thick fog.  But, I think it had it's own mystic beauty.
(photo of Regal and Jessie)

Husky Football Season

Ben is a big Husky fan and is working at making CoCo one too!  She's already been informed that they'll be watching football together the next 10 Saturdays!