Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Family Gathers!

Wonderful weekend spent with family! Loads of games! Hot weather! Water balloons! Bikes! Basketball! Scooters! Dinosaurs! Treasure hunt! Swings! Hoola-hoop! and the list goes on!

...and the water fight begins!

Wet cool down.

Water balloon strategy?

Tub racing!


Bedtime stories!

Roasting marshmallows...
...with shades!!!


(record of my attendance)

CC could have ridden a scooter the entire weekend. After putting her to bed on night #1...
CC: I didn't get to ride a scooter too much.
Me: Sure you did. You rode it for a couple hours.
CC: But, I really wanted to ride it to my bed and park it by my pillow.
Me: Well, the scooter is sleeping in the garage tonight.
CC: I know. I hear her so sad. She says, "I want to share a pillow with CC."

Ashley guides CC in a treasure hunt with a map drawn by Sydney and Courtney.
(note the binoculars in CC's hand made with TP rolls)

If you look closely, you can see the large treasure box under the pine tree on the right! They found dinosaurs and a nail kit. So, they both had a manicure after their great adventure!

Thanks for a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creative Sweetness!

CC was playing "super girl" and was sad that Graci didn't have a purple cape. A few moments later, the girls ran past me and CC yelled, "Look mommy! I found her a purple cape in the kitchen!"

Graci, with a bib on backwards, chasing her hero.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Waffle Window!

While in Portland, family members introduced us to the Waffle Window. OH MY!!! It was amazing! It was so fabulous, we convinced a whole different group to return on Sunday for lunch! Mmmm... both sweet and savory!
You Just Gotta Go!!!

FIVE girls saving a table in anticipation of waffles!


Picture of Contentment?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Trek to Claire!

What a JOY to meet Claire over the weekend!
She is such a sweet, snuggly, pretty little baby! Truly Perfect!
CoCo is smitten with her and now every baby doll in our home is officially, "Claire"!
As we drove away from our friends, there was a whimper from the back seat and a sad little voice said, "Oh, I forgot to hold her for the 100th time!"

He He! Love this peek!

Graci, informing her on the ins and outs of year # 1 ! :)

Precious snuggle with Nana!

Then there were 3