Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Photos

My first Mother's Day! It was a very fun day thanks to Ben who started the day off with waffles and Chiara who made me a hilarious "photo card" on the computer!! She signed it "CoCo Nut"! She and Ben got quite creative!

Oma was also here to celebrate, but we missed GG's (great grandma) company and had to settle for a phone chat with her. Mom and I were able to get out for the afternoon and have some mother-daughter time while Ben babysat!

Oma flew out this morning, so now it's just CoCo and I at home on weekdays. We miss Oma greatly, but are all so thankful for our stocked freezer! We've got meals for a while! :) Thanks, Omi!


Summer said...

Sharla! You guys look like you're having so much (sleepless [in Seattle, ha]) fun!! Chiara is absolutely adorable in all her newbieness. I'm jealous you have time to take pictures and such. :) I hardly have any pix of Graham because (like right now) I deal with kids trying to type along with me WITH THEIR FEET and other beautiful things of parenthood!!! Ah, well, enjoy her. She's an angel. And they do grow so fast don't they?
love, Summer

Jena said...

Two beautiful girls!!!