Friday, November 21, 2014

Giving Thanks Drawing Board

"In all things, give thanks."

I'm always looking for ways to teach my girls to be thankful.  Last year, I kept hearing about these wonderful "thanksgiving trees" with leaves that had words and phrases of thanksgiving.  I really wanted to start one for our family, but I had a slight dilemma... my girls couldn't read or write.  My hope was for them to participate actively.  So an idea started to form.  What they could do was draw.  Thus began our "Giving Thanks Drawing Board".

It's not glorious, it's not marvelous, but it's full of heartfelt thanksgiving.  The girls begged me to keep it last year, so I've pulled it out for this year and our giving thanks continues.

It's interesting to reflect.

Last year our hearts were full with gratitude for Children's Hospital as G was admitted there.  Had we known how much time we were going to spend there in the next year, our center piece phrase may have read, "Giving Thanks For Children's Hospital".

 G's heart was full of C-Bear!  :)

CC drew pictures from her new school and friends.

CC at her school desk with some WILD hair!

This year we are giving thanks for answers to G's health issues!
She hasn't been admitted to Children's once in almost 2 months!
YAY!  Trusting we follow that trend!

In years to follow, I know we'll have a beautiful "thanksgiving tree" in our home.

RIGHT NOW, I'm thankful for little sticky fingers that can't wait to draw what's in their heart.  I'm thankful for the joy & laughter we share around our board, for the conversation.  I'm thankful for the mess.  I'm even going to give thanks in the squabbles that surround pink markers!  :)

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Shawna said...

Beautiful!! Can't wait to see the end result!