Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sugar Cookies, Yum!

Our street is full of boys!
So naturally, we decided to have them all over for a Valentine Cookie Decorating party! It was super fun! A wonderful way to gather the neighbors in the winter months and send them home with tasty cookies to enjoy for the upcoming holiday!

Note the bites taken from the cookies above! :)

And all too soon it was over...
I think it will be a repeat in years to come!


Diane and Howard Smid said...

I love the photo of the nibbled cookie, I mean, honest, who can resist a sugar cookie with gobs of icing, sprinkles and sugar treats, not me. Looks like a great success.

Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Love these photos...looks like a great success! (Did not see Gracie in any of the pictures...she would have added an interesting twist!)

Shawna said...

Wow. Coco got pretty spiffed up for all those boys. Is that a bad sign??? ;o )