Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sugar and Spice!

Yes, we took a road trip to Oregon!
We wanted Graci to meet the girls. I did forget my camera, but they were kind enough to send photos and I was able to catch a few outdoor shots with Ben's work camera. Thanks for making room for us last minute!
Courtney! Happy Birthday! It was so fun to be there & celebrate!!!

Travis and Sandi have such a fantastic back yard and the girls played in the water ALL afternoon!


Shawna said...

What a great water hook-up! :o )

Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Fun! Coco finally gets to wear her swim suit which was her 'choice for the day' several days when we were there in early summer. It was hard to convince her that it was too cold for swimming! Love the pictures of Graci with Sydney and Courtney. Too bad they don't live closer! They would be great sitters!

Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Ashley is doing a good job of taking care of Graci, too!