Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love The Summer Light!

We've been having NICE weather!!!
On this particular day, the lighting was so amazing. I sat out in the backyard and watched how it changed my typical view for the hour + that it lasted. I also asked Ben to take a few photos... Graci was being especially cuddly and CoCo... well, she was just being the fun & silly 2 year old that we love!!!

Do I look tired in this photo? Well, I am! :)
It simply made the cut because of the little sweetie in my arms!

Graci started to fuss, so we decided to join her! It (the joining) makes fussing so much more fun!

Very Kissable Lips!!!


Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Love this post...sure makes it hard to be so far away! Missing you all and love you all tons!!

Diane and Howard Smid said...

don't think you look tired shar, you all look great

Shawna said...

Awwe! Tante started packing her suitcase yesterday already so when she's done with work this week, she'll be right ready to go! Can't wait!

Spencer and Michelle said...

I LOVE the fussing picture!

Sandee Shuman said...

Sharla and Ben, these pictures are great! Your blog header is a prize winning photo!