Saturday, April 26, 2008

Many visitors!!!

Opa came all the way from Germany and he finds Chiara's "toot-a-rooting" rather hilarious!

Grandpa "W" is here from Montana. He stepped right into the spirit of things and got to snoozing ASAP!
Grandma "W" arrived from Montana as well. She did not end up snoozing, but instead enrolled herself in the "Chiara Adoration Club".Oma flew in from Kandern, Germany and has been helping mommy with the "night shift".
Auntie Shawna flew in from San Francisco, California. However, she didn't bring any of her California sunshine. But, she did buy Chiara her first set of shades!
Brad and Kathy came to visit! Kathy is a natural and Brad brought "pink cigars" which he and Ben puffed out in the cool April air!

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Grant said...

Congratulations! Chiara is beautiful and it looks like you guys are enjoying parenting so very much. It's great to see some pictures of your family on here too! Everybody looks so the same. . .