Sunday, January 3, 2016

High Five!

I am posting G's 5th birthday.... really late. We've had a computer glitch and these are the only photos we have of her day. So, here's the celebrating of Age 5 in FROZEN style!  All guests put on their princess dresses and came for games and fun.  The decorations were really fun and the layered snow cake was decorated with blue ice.  Olaf also joined.  His head can be seen between CC and G dancing in the first photo. 

At G's preschool, they have a great celebration for birthdays.  G walked around the sun 5 times and we shared special memories from each of her five years!

We love you so much, G!  Our lives are so much fuller with you and your vivid imagination!  You're almost 6 now and you've ROCKED Kindergarten!  WE ALL LOVE YOU!

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Diane Smid said...

Yippeeee your back. Love these photos What a fun party