Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rose Birthday Party!

Many months ago, G asked for a "Rose Birthday Party". I asked her exactly what she meant and she replied, "It means you wear a Rose Party Dress and eat Rose Cake." So, we celebrated with roses, dresses, cake and friends. It was actually a really fun party theme and not as complicated as I'd feared!

Relay Race: Find the butterflies in the rose petal basket.

Balloon Game!
M loved this game and entertained us with many giggles!

Flower bouquets from the garden!
(the peonies made our home smell garden fresh)

Rose Dress. Rose Cake.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Doris said...

Special day with a special girl! Loved every moment! Oma has a happy heart.

Shawna said...

So fun to see how it all turned out!