Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dinner Gone Bad!

Let's just say that squash soup was NOT served for dinner this night!

I don't admit mistakes easily. This was my own fault... just not thinking.
I decided to add a little moisture to the squash and poured some cold water into the pyrex dish. Upon contact, the dish EXPLODED! Thankfully, I had the quick reflex to slam the door with my foot and only a few glass pieces escaped the oven cavity! Clean up was the pits!
(to compost or not to compost?!)


Jesse and Doris Frank said...

So sorry!

Shawna said...

yikes! Glad you weren't hurt!

Diane and Howard Smid said...

did you order in?

Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Love the memories that the header picture brings!! Miss you all SOOOO much!

Ben and Sharla said...

We didn't order in. We were bringing soup to friends and picked up something small on the way. Basically, our friends fed us. Yes, we have great friends! :)

Sandee Shuman said...

LOL! I know I shouldn't have!! (I also said "Oh! No!" out loud, so that shows my concern, right?!)
Seriously, I am really glad no one was hurt by flying glass. And I know that couldn't have been fun to clean up - ugh!!