Monday, June 20, 2011

Must be Monday!

We've had a rough start to a very busy week!
Graci woke up EARLY & GRUMPY. Her first task was to empty the kitchen trash onto the floor (whoops! didn't make it into the dumpster last night) and spread raw steak juice all over my cabinets. I was gagging as I cleaned that one up. CoCo woke up in a mood of her own and spent much of the morning giving Graci and I the silent treatment and holding her head in her hands. Well Girlies! We've got lots to accomplish this week so hang in there!
(no children were injured in the taking of these photos)


Jesse and Doris Frank said...

Some days are just that way, aren't they? What is with Graci and door frames? Was she trying to stand on that cart? Whoo! Hope Tuesday is a better day!

Shawna said...

No wonder I said special prayers for you yesterday! I'll keep at it.