Friday, August 29, 2008

Out on the Town...

Today, Chiara and I set out to get some end of the summer clearance deals!  Ignoring the " full body restraint", I thought she looked the part!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Week in Review...

Chiara is holding her head up really well, so we've been trying out new baby gadgets this week.  Chiara loves the seat below as she can sit at the table with us while we eat.  I do believe we have a meat lover!!!

Look!  My toes touch!!!

We spent Wednesday morning with these two energetic guys.  I do believe a new Seattle band was started that morning.  (note: my favorite tidbits are the spiderman band-aid on the forehead and the Thomas slippers... truly trend setters!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Four Months!!!

Yep! Time is going fast!!! My latest accomplishments include: squealing, balding, grabbing onto objects and bringing them to my mouth and letting out a fake cough to get attention!!! I am definitely getting smarter! :)

First Ferry Ride!

...and it wasn't very warm!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meeting GG !!!

GG (great-grandma) lives in far off lands and we went to see her this past week!  I got to take my first airplane ride and met all kinds of mommy's family.  We weren't the only ones to trek out to GG's place.  Oma came all the way from Germany, Auntie from San Fran, Cousins from both Edmonton and Didsbury.  We all had a fabulous time!!

Meet my very cute GG!!!  She's 92!!!

I got a whole lot of love from GG and Oma!

GG had 5  great grandchildren visit her throughout the course of the week!  This little one tried to take off with something that didn't belong to her!!!

We got out to Great Uncle Dan's farm and even got introduced to the family dog!

Jena and Jalena in the deep end!
I love the water!  We only had to watch out for the biting horse flies!
I had to stay clear of these three!  THEY SPLASH!!!
Mmm!!!  Nothing like milk on a hot summer's day!  :)

Farmer CoCo!  Watch out Opa!  Here I come!!

English Tea Party!!!

The last day at GG's we had a tea party!  We invited the Great-Great Aunts, the Danny Meier Clan and various dolls to join us!  Everyone got all dressed up in fancy frocks and those who had hats wore them.  The scones, tarts and cucumber sandwiches were a delight... as well as the "mostly-sugar tea"!  Afterwards we took photos while being attacked by mosquitos!  It was GREAT fun!!!

A four generation photo.  GG, Oma, Mommy and I... all in one place!  :)

GG and 3 of her many great grandchildren!

GG and four of her granddaughters... all in fancy frocks and hats!!!