Monday, July 29, 2013

Pregnancy Discrepancies

I'm discovering that I'm not so sure who I am these days.  I feel a little lost amidst my identity.

1) Normally I like my drinks without ice (year round)... Now I MUST have ice!
2) Normally I dislike skirts... Now I'm in one almost daily!
3) Normally I love chocolate... Now (sadly) I haven't touched it in 9 weeks.
4) Normally I like reading to my girls... Now (due to nausea) I avoid it like a plague.
5) Normally I keep a fairly clean house... Now (quite honestly) you don't want to know.  :(
6) Normally I love summer and the sun... Now I seek shade always and dream of COOL fall days.
7) Normally I sleep like a baby... Now I'm up at least 2x a night and have insomnia.  Ugh!
8) Normally, I love PEOPLE... Now I'm super content to hang with my 3 favorite peeps.
9) Normally I love flip flops... TODAY I think I may have bought "old lady shoes" for the mere amazing comfort of the soft soles on my tired feet.  (I was the one soul under 55 in the store)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Big Summer News...

Our newest super hero coming "soon" to a playground near you!!!
ETA: January